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The Blog Buddy is a revolutionary day planner and business organizer for bloggers.

It is the top of the line blogging planner on the market today!

“Cover to cover, it’s a comprehensive, yet simple and beautiful way to keep your blogging and personal life in order!”   

“This is so much more advanced than I realized! It’s brilliant! It’s beautiful! Seriously it’s perfect! Wow. So impressed right now. ”  

“I’ve been trying to haphazardly create something like this for myself and I could never quite put my finger on what I needed.”  

“It’s really genius!” 

Blog Buddy Planner & Alcohol Pen + 3 Digital Files

(Important Contact Manager, Financial Tracker & Social Media Manager)

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Hi I’m Dani! As a busy mom and a blogger I have a lot on my plate everyday. So having a day planner and checklists are super important for me to stay organized in all areas of my life…and especially for my blog.

I felt like Goldilocks……this ones spaces were too small, this one didn’t have a weekly planner, this one didn’t have room for notes. You get the idea. So my life was a mess of spiral notebooks, sticky notes, slips of paper and great ideas scribbled onto backs of envelopes.

My blog started to grow but I was so disorganized that half the time I couldn’t even remember where I had stopped on a post when I went to pick it back up.

Once we had our second baby I knew something had to change or I was going to have to stop blogging….and thus the Blog Buddy was born.

After months of research and development, well over 300 hours of work and too many trees to count I am proud to present to you what I firmly believe to be the best business planner for bloggers on the market today!

***Complete 2014 & 2015 Monthly Calendars***

***All Sheets other than Monthly Calendars are UNDATED for a full year of use***

Yearly, monthly and weekly goal setting. 

Weekly Planner with ample room for appointments, Post Info/Social Media, and Tasks 

weekly view

A FULL 24 Month Calendar! (January 2014-December 2015)

2 Page Spread Monthly Calendars (finally no tiny useless squares!) 

Guided To-Do Lists and Blank Notes pages 

Post Completion Checklists (track multiple posts completion at a glance) 

Reviews & Giveaway Tracker 

Guest Blogging Opportunity Tracker (track posts pitched, written, published, etc) 

Potential Advertiser Tracker (track contact and follow up dates easily) 

Current Advertiser Tracker (track rates and renewal dates) 

Blog Statistics (compare a year at a glance for all statistics you want to track) 

Monthly Expenses (keep track each and every receipt!)

Revenue & Expense overviews (compare a year at a glance for revenue & expenses) 

Quarterly Balance Sheet with Estimated Tax Payments (see your finances at a glance) 

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Please note: back cover is now blank and does not contain our logo as shown in preview. 

These are the spreadsheets I use to keep organized:

Revenue & Expense Receipt Tracker (individual entry for receipts/payments for tax purposes in case you prefer digital) 

Important Contact Tracker (track influential contacts and consistently interact with them) 

Social Media Tracker (organize your social media schedule)

The contents are super important but the actual design of the binder has been incredibly important to us as well.

BINDING: The binding is a heavy duty Double O Wire Binding.

Which allows it to be used completely opened:

or folded in half for a single page.

SOFT TOUCH LAMINATED COVER: The cover is a heavy duty chipboard that is hand wrapped with a beautiful natural feel paper which is coated in a soft touch laminate. We wanted something that would protect the cover from inevitable spills but we hate that fake plastic feeling of traditional laminate.

We are so pleased with the durability and feel of the cover!

I’ve dropped salsa on it, smeared dirt all over it and even drawn art on it in hot sauce and it has performed beautifully!

The covers rigidity provides a perfectly hard writing surface for one handed writing, or using the binder on your lap. It feels amazing in your hands!

OVERSIZED COVER: We wanted to be able to tuck pieces of loose paper into the binder and elastic band it closed securely. After testing our original prototype we realized that full sized sheets of paper stuck out about 1/4 of an inch which resulted in mashed edges of the paper. The tabs would have also stuck out resulting in having them pressed into your hand should you carry it on end.

So we opted for an oversized cover. It allows full size sheets of paper to be carried without being damaged and allows you to carry it on end without having tabs gouging your hand.

ELASTIC STRAP: We have included a built in riveted elastic strap (no misplacing this one!) that securely holds the binder and any extra papers you tuck inside together. This is heavy duty elastic that should withstand lots of repeated use without undue stretching.

INTERIOR PAGES: The interior pages are printed on professional quality 60lb matte paper which provides a nice weight for two sided writing and limits show through. Normal copy paper is 24lb paper for reference.

TABS: There are 6 heavy duty poly plastic tab dividers. They are a solid sheet of poly from binding to tab so they will not rip with wear.

ZIPPERED POCKET: A full size heavy duty zippered pocket with lay flat zipper enclosure!
*****Zipper strip is white not red in final binders*****

Use it to easily and securely keep receipts, business cards (yours and others) or even tuck in your ID/Debit card when you don’t want to carry a full purse.


One of our favorite features of the Blog Buddy is the Goals & Gratitude Bookmark. This bookmark allows you to keep your yearly and monthly goals visible every single week without having to rewrite them constantly.

But it comes with an erasable alcohol pen which allows you to only keep the current months goals and your changing gratitudes on the bookmark.

MOVABLE ERASABLE BOOKMARK: Each planner come with one white plastic bookmark with space for writing your yearly and monthly goals and things you are grateful for. It is movable so you can easily find your place for the week

ERASABLE ALCOHOL PEN: Each binder also comes with a Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor Pen that is used for writing on the bookmark and can be used on the tab pages as well.

These pens dry almost instantaneously and are waterproof & smudge proof. They are used extensively by the military and Forest Service for writing on laminated maps. BUT they are easily removed with basic rubbing alcohol!

PRODUCED 100% IN THE USA: It’s been said before but it’s worth noting again that this product is produced entirely in the USA . We could have outsourced this project easily to China (and made a ton more money), but it is very important to us to try to keep our business local.

These products cost almost 4x as much as a standard $30 Walmart/Target planner costs to make. We are charging as little as we possibly can to cover our costs and bring you this life changing high quality business tool.


Blog Buddy Planner & Alcohol Pen + 3 Digital Files

(Important Contact Manager, Financial Tracker & Social Media Manager)

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